Fluid Power Actuators & Control Systems

Norman Equipment is a distributor of the most comprehensive range of fluid power actuators including pneumatic, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic actuators from Rotork Fluid Systems, a division of Rotork. Our inventory of high performance fluid power actuators are for on/off duty, ESD (emergency shut down), HIPPS, protective service and special valve applications. We carry the following product ranges from Rotork Fluid Systems:

  • Control Rotork Fluid Systems Distributor systems
  • Electro-hydraulic valve actuators
  • Hydraulic rotary and linear valve actuators
  • Pneumatic rotary and linear valve actuators
  • Smart valve monitoring systems (SVM)
  • Subsea valve actuators
  • Vane-type pneumatic valve actuators
Rotork Fluid Systems Products

Design and Testing

Our product offerings from Rotork Fluid Systems have been thoroughly tested in dedicated research and development facilities around the world ensuring reliable operation and lifetime functionality of their products. Test systems incorporate the following features:

  • Automatic or manual setting and recording of pressure, position, and temperature
  • Cyclic and repetitive tests, with variable parameters such as load, cycle times, and temperature
  • Hydraulic pressures up to 360 bar (5,220 psi)
  • Hydraulic filtration and flushing capabilities
  • Pneumatic pressures up to 120 bar (1,740 psi)
  • Static continuous and dynamic analysis on a full range of torques throughout the complete stroke of the actuator
  • Thrust testing up to 10,000 kgf (22,046 lbf)
  • Torque testing up to 600,000 Nm (5,000,000 lbf.in)