Gearboxes and Gear Operators

Norman Equipment is a distributor of gearboxes and gear operators that are designed for automation solutions to withstand harsh environments including subsea and nuclear installations. We also carry mounting brackets, extension shafts, pedestals, and accessories for the valve and actuator industry from Rotork Gears, a division of Rotork. Rotork's gearbox and gear operator product line have an established quality management system that meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001.

We offer the following Rotork Gears product rangesRotork Gears Distributor:

  • Manual and motorized multi-turn gearboxes
  • Manual and motorized quarter-turn gearboxes
  • Mounting kits and accessories
  • Override quarter-turn gear operators
  • Subsea quarter-turn gear operators
  • Worm gear quarter-turn gear operators
Rotork Gears Products