Spring Driven Reels Details
Spring Driven Reels

COXReels Spring Driven Reels feature an enclosed factory-tuned and matched cartridge-style spring motor for safe and easy maintenance.

Spring Driven Reels

Overview: Spring Driven Reels are auto-retractable heavy-duty industrial grade reels with spring-loaded tension, which enables the reel to automatically self-retract hose, cord, or cable without the need for external power - which makes Spring Driven Reels a great cost-effective alternative to motor driven reels. Multi-position lock ratchet mechanism secures the hose, cord, or cable at the desired length.

Spring Driven Reels Industries & Applications Served: 

  • Automotive - Service Centers, Maintenance Shops, Car / Truck Dealerships
  • Electrical - Workstations, Construction Sites, Manufacturing Plants, Battery Charging
  • Welding & Fabrication - Manufacturing / Repair Shops, Transportation Maintenance Shops, Railroads
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EZ-Coil Reels Details
EZ-Coil Reels

COXReels Safety Series reels featuring the patented EZ-Coil Rewind Safety System, engineered and developed exclusively by COXReels.

EZ-Coil Reels

Overview: The optimal choice for safe spring driven hose, cord, and cable reel operation in the workplace. EZ-Coil works uni-directionally without any increase to the amount of resistance when pulling out the hose, cord, or cable. But, when engaged upon recoil, the EZ-Coil technology controls the aggressive spring motor energy resulting in a reel that retracts at a safe and steady pace! Upgrade your workplace with EZ-Coil reels, a controlled self-retracting reel for increased safety in the workplace.  

EZ-Coil Reels Industries & Applications Served: 

  • Automotive - Repair Shops, Battery Charging, Fueling
  • Aerospace - Ground Support, Aircraft Refueling, Oil Dispensing
  • Industrial - Welding (Arc / Gas), Washdown / Pressure Washing, Chemical Fluid Transfer
  • Power Transmission - Temporary Power Source, Satillite & Cable Providers, Electrician
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Hand Crank Reels Details
Hand Crank Reels

COXReels Hand Crank Reels are available in either a direct hand crank or bevel gear system to manually rewind your hose, cord, or cable.

Hand Crank Reels

Overview: These reels feature a smooth, trouble-free retraction with maximum operator comfort, and an adjustable tension brake to prevent backlash, thanks in part to the all welded “A” frame, low profile base, which also provides a non-crimping, flat smooth hose wrap.

Hand Crank Reels Industries & Applications Served:

  • Agriculture - Washdown, Livestock Care, Hydro Seeding, Pnuematic Power Tools
  • Automotive - Service Centers, Public Works Garages, Car Dealerships
  • Construction - Welding, Portable Compressors, Paving / Sealcoating
  • Pest Control - Mosquito Abatement, Lawn Spraying, Pest Control Spraying
  • Pressure Washing - Food Processing, Marinas, Transportation Maintenance


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Motorized Reels Details
Motorized Reels

COXReels Motor Driven Reels are the pinnacle of automatic hose or cord retraction.

Motorized Reels

Overview: COXReels are large capacity industrial grade reels for long hose lengths which also has motor options to customize your reel to fit your specific needs. Choose from air motors, electric motors in DC or AC with voltage ranges from 12V to 230V, and hydraulic motors, with a wide array of accessory options.

Motor Driven Reels Industries & Applications Served: 

  • Fire & Safety - Heavy Rescue Tools, Water Hose Booster, Power Tool & Vehicle Charging
  • Food & Chemical - Hygenic Environments, Packaging Facilities, Pulp & Paper Plants, Pressure Washing
  • Petroleum - Fueling Storage & Dispensing Systems, Fuel Tank Trucks, Drilling Support Operations
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Since 1923, COXReels has been manufacturing heavy duty professional grade hose, cord, and cable reels of the highest quality. COXReels’ comprehensive selection of reels includes spring retractable, hand crank and motorized hose, cord and cable reels and their patented EZ-Coil Safety Series spring retractable reels with controlled rewind.

COXReels engineering capabilities and manufacturing processes allow them to design and build top quality, USA Made products for any conceivable application where reels are needed.

Industries Served

COXReels manufactures heavy duty professional grade hose, cord, and cable reels of the highest quality which has helped them become a worldwide leader in the reel industry. Since 1923, COXReels has had the pleasure of serving the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Fire & Safety
  • Oxygen Services
  • Food & Chemical
  • Military & Marine
  • Pest Control
  • Petroleum
  • Pressure Wash
  • Sewage & Drain
  • Transportation
  • Welding & Fabrication