Pneumatic Control Valves

Pneumatic Valves

Pneumatic Control valves are used to start, stop, regulate, relieve or change the direction of flow of air or a fluid in all compressed air and process control systems. Compressed air can then be used as the power to operate equipment and machinery.

These valves are designed for very specific applications and a factory or process may use several different types of valves with each being intended to do a particular job. For example, some valves may control the speed and others the sequence of an operation. Valves play an important role in the safe operation of machinery also.

Norman’s proven expertise and large inventory offers precise air and process control in a variety of solutions and configurations. Valves can be manual (i.e. lever, push button), motor actuated or solenoid air (pilot) operated and electrically actuated with many mounting options. Basic valves include flow control or directional valves, pressure valves, check valves, relief valves, and shut off valves. If necessary our fluid power experts and factory resources can help you Custom Design the valve you may require.

Norman is celebrating 70 years of providing fluid power expertise to the industrial market. Valve section is critical and we are your single source for selecting the right valve for your unique requirements. Working with top manufacturers, we can provide the expertise and products you require along with the customer service you demand. Our pneumatic valve product portfolio includes valves from: