Firestone Distributor

Firestone Airstroke™ Actuators have long been used in the industrial market as pneumatic actuators incorporated into new and innovative machinery designs as well as replacement actuators for traditional pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. They have advantages over traditional cyllinders in that they are durable, operate well in corrosive and abrasive environments, easily accept misalignment and have a high ratio of stroke to collapsed height. Also available are the Airomatic™ Polyactuators which despite their small size can lift loads just over 100 lbs with a half-inch stroke at 50 psig. They assist in conveyor transfer sections & roller brakes, but can be used in any application requiring small pressure & stroke and are about a third of the cost of pancake cylinders - deceptively simple, amazingly engineered.

Some advantages of Airstroke Actuators include:

  • Lower Cost than conventional cylinders
  • Wide Size Range
  • Durable Long Life
  • No Maintenance or Lubrication Required –No Internal Rod or Piston
  • Friction Free for Immediate Response
  • Flexible Media – works with either a liquid or gas
  • Angular and Side Loading Capabilities
  • Compact Starting Height

Factory Sealed and Tested Firestone Airmount™Isolators provide the highest degree of vibration isolation of any isolator on the market. They are versatile and not only work to isolate delicate objects from external vibrations, but are able to support vibrating loads and prevent its energy from disturbing the surroundings. Airmount Isolators reduce structural noise, are available in a wide range of sizes and extend equipment life through their superior isolation capabilities. Airmount Isolators are a great alternative to conventional coil springs and other types of isolators.

Advantages include:

  • Unsurpassed Isolation Capability
  • Constant Isolation Efficiency
  • Accurate Height Control
  • Wide Size Range
  • Compact Installed Height
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Effective Noise Reduction

Versatility Firestone Marsh Mellow™ Springs are durable, simple and virtually maintenance free. Firestone’s Marsh Mellow™ fabric & rubber springs are your solution to vibration and isolation problems. Marsh Mellow springs are fabric reinforced rubber cylinders that do not require air. They will not break, trap particles, corrode or bottom-out, but will accommodate a wide load range and perform consistently. Replace those old-fashioned steel springs with our tough, quiet Marsh Mellow springs for long lasting, low-cost isolation performance.

Advantages include:

  • Constant Vibration Isolation with Changing Loads
  • High Load Carrying Capacity
  • Excellent Vibration Isolation
  • Lateral Vibration Isolation
  • Compact Overall Size
  • Corrosion Resistant for a Durable, Long Life
  • Does Not Bottom-Out
  • Eliminates Downtime and Potential Damage to Machinery
  • Increased Stability at Higher Percentages of Compression
  • Effective Noise Reduction
  • Maintenance Free

AirPicker & AirGripper End Effectors for Manufacturing & Industrial Applications Do you need a solution to move objects varying in shape or size? Firestone’s AirPicker™ and AirGripper™ end effectors offer a wide range of advantages over traditional pick and place devices. By simply controlling the amount of pressure within the bladder, Firestone end effectors can handle delicate objects with the soft touch of rubber and air. Each of the AirPicker and Air-Gripper products can work with a wide range of diameters and work piece weights - offering a low cost, durable solution for your pick and place application. Firestone offers a wide range of configurations and sizes of end-effectors to meet your needs.

Advantages include:

  • Conform to Any Shape
  • Multiple Sizes Handles with One Gripper
  • Delicate Handling
  • High Load Capacity
  • Non-marring Contact
  • Wide Size Range
  • No Lubrication Required
  • Low Cost
  • Long Life in a Dusty Environment