Rotork Gears Details
Rotork Gears

Extensive range of gearboxes and mounting brackets, extension shafts, pedestals.

Rotork Gears

Norman Equipment is a distributor of gearboxes and gear operators from Rotork Gears. Offerings include an extensive range of valve gearboxes, mounting brackets, extension shafts, pedestals and accessories for the valve and actuator industry. Product ranges include but are not limited to:

Rotork Gear Product Ranges:

  • Light-duty & quarter-turn worm gear operators
  • Nuclear rated manual worm gear operators
  • Motorised quarter-turn gearboxes
  • Stainless steel gearboxes and gear operators
  • Override quarter-turn gear operators
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Roto Hammer Industries Details
Roto Hammer Industries

Chain wheels, valve extensions, floor stands, gear operators and custom solutions for manual valve operation.

Roto Hammer Industries

Norman Equipment is a distributor of chain wheels and custom solutions for the manual valve operation from Roto Hammer, a brand of Rotork. These products offer the best solutions for hard-to-reach and difficult to operate valves, with the purpose of protecting employees and equipment with safe, dependable valve operation.

Chainwheels are made with different materials (ductile iron, aluminum, and stainless steel) and protections to cater for very harsh environments. Chain wheels to fit handwheels size from 4" to 40".

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Soldo Range Switchboxes Details
Soldo Range Switchboxes

Weather proof and intrinsically safe range switchboxes from Rotork Gears.

Soldo Range Switchboxes

Soldo Range Switchboxes

Soldo SP Series

The Soldo SP series limit switch box provides a compact design and the most economical solution for both visual and remote electrical indication of rotary valve/actuator position. Integral NAMUR mounting legs provide additional cost saving by eliminating the need for seperate mounting bracket.

The SP series is suitable for use in IP65 weather proof applications and have the option to be Exia certified by use of inductive NAMUR sensors and other dry contact switches.

Soldo SK/SQ Series

Designed for use on all quarter-turn actuators requiring a certified explosion proof limit switchbox. The Soldo SK and SQ range of switchboxes can be installed in refineries, offshore platforms, power plants, petrochemical sites and all areas with ATEX and IECEx ZONE1 / ZONE 2 rating.

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Valve Kits Details
Valve Kits

Ball, butterfly, plug valve kits and a broad range of valve and actuator mounting brackets, couplings and positioner brackets.

Valve Kits

Norman Equipment is a distributor of ball, butterfly and plug valve kits designed to order, precision CNC machined in stainless steel.Norman supplies the following components to the highest standards:

  • Mounting brackets and couplings
  • Extensions
  • Pedestals
  • Locking devices
  • Flexible drive technology
  • Chainwheels, handwheels, and spring-return handles
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Norman Equipment is a distributor of gearboxes and gear operators that are designed for automation solutions to withstand harsh environments including subsea and nuclear installations. We also carry mounting brackets, extension shafts, pedestals, and accessories for the valve and actuator industry from Rotork Gears, a division of Rotork.

Rotork's gearbox and gear operator product line have an established quality management system that meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001.

Rotork Gears Product Ranges

Norman Equipment is a distributor of the following product ranges from Rotork gears:

  • Manual and motorized multi-turn gearboxes
  • Manual and motorized quarter-turn gearboxes
  • Mounting kits and accessories
  • Override quarter-turn gear operators
  • Subsea quarter-turn gear operators
  • Worm gear quarter-turn gear operators