Machine Safety Equipment

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Safer machines provide a safer workplace with reduced liability and improved productivity. We offer a complete range of safety products and systems, including machine safety sensors and controls, safetyinterlocks, switches and monitoring, light curtains and grids, ergonomic safety palm buttons and two hand controls, safety foot switches and pressure mats and more.


Safe Solutions for Industry - Protection for Man and Machine

  • Guard Door Monitoring - Safety switches, solenoid interlocks & electronic solenoid interlocks, electronic safety sensors, coded magnet safety sensors, safety rated limit switches, safety switches for hingedguards.
  • Optoelectronic Safety Devices - Safety light grids & Safety light curtains, Safety light barriers. and Safety thru-beam photoelectric sensors.  Comprehensive range of products to provide non-separating safeguarding of hazardous areas, ranging from point of operation to danger zone or perimeter guarding.
  • Control Devices with Safety Function - Pull-wire emergency stop switches, emergency stop pushbuttons, ergonomic control panels, enabling switches, safety foot switches, two-hand control panels.
  • Tactile Safety Devices - Safety edges and safety pressure mats.  Wherever crushing or shearing points are tobe safeguarded, such as on elevating platforms, rising stages, sliding doors or industrial gates, tactile safety devices offer a simple and easy to fit solution.
  • Safety Monitoring Modules and Control Systems - For monitoring and control of machine guarding safety systems. Designed to increase the level of safety in machine guarding and/or E-stop control circuits, safety controllers are capable of detecting many types of potential safety circuit faults.
  • Valve Automation Products  - Products intended to reduce facility risk and insurance costs while increasing safety for plant employees and surrounding communities. Products include fire safe fusible link assemblies for emergency shutdown, spring return handles to eliminate the risk of leaving a critical valve in the wrong position, and lock-out devices for both automated and manual valves.


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