Parker Fittings, Quick Disconnect Couplers (Snap-Tite) and Diagnostic Products

Parker's Quick Coupling Division, the world's leading manufacturer of quick couplings, produces products to accommodate a broad range of design requirements. In addition to quick couplings, their portfolio includes swivels, valves, and state-of-the-art diagnostic and monitoring equipment.

Pneumatic Quick Couplings

Single Shut-Off Couplings come in three basic designs:

  • General purpose/manual connect
  • General purpose/push-to-connec and special purpose
  • Standard seal material is Nitrile, with other options available

Hydraulic Quick Couplings

  • Double Shut-Off or Straight-Thru couplings available in a wide variety of designs, each tailored to a particular application or use.
  • Rated pressures range from 30 to 15,000 psi, depending on series, size and materials.
  • Assortments includes general purpose, non-spill, connect under pressure, high pressure, high flow, mold coolant line, and special purpose – miniature.

Thermoplastic Quick Couplings

  • Push-to-connect style coupling assortment includes non-spill bulk transfer, general purpose and push button release


  • Ideal for an array of dynamic applications; pressure capabilities up to 5000 psi, ¼” through 2” body sizes with a variety of port, plating and seal options available


  • Check Valves for hydraulic systems to eliminate potential damage caused by fluid back pressure; also available Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves and Thermal Bypass Valves.

Diagnostic Products

  • Parker’s SensoControl product line is a valuable tool for diagnosing problems both before and after they occur. With today’s more sophisticated systems, being able to identify critical information for optimizing machine efficiencies is a necessity.