For more than 60 years, Schmersal has been dedicated to providing man-machine safeguarding solutions to industry - offering the largest range of safety switching appliances and systems worldwide - for the protection of human life and machine.  

Schmersal interlock safety switches and controllers satisfy a vast array of safety applications and challenges resulting in a safer workplace, safer machines, reduced liability, improved productivity, lower insurance costs, and compliance with OSHA, ANSI & CE. More stringent standards being adopted are evidence of the increased emphasis being given to employee safety in the workplace. Conventional devices traditionally used as safety interlocks do not meet contemporary requirements and consequently when used in such applications, are unsafe.  

Our comprehensive product portfolio includes:

  • Safety Interlock Switches
  • Non-Contact Safety Sensors
  • Emergency Cable-Pull Switches
  • Safety Controllers
  • Safety Light Curtains & Beams
  • Hinged Safety Interlocks
  • Safety Edges/Bumpers
  • Safety Rated Limit Switches
  • Safety Foot Switches
  • Safety Pressure Mats
  • Programmable Safety Controllers
  • Safe Speed Monitors
  • Electronic Safety Sensors
  • Serial Diagnostic Gateways