Young Touchstone Distributor

Young Touchstone, a Wabtec Company, with over 75 years of heat transfer experience, is a leading manufacturer of:

  • Radiators
  • Oil Coolers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Charge Air-Coolers

ISO Certified facilities provide both pre-configured and custom engineered products supported by extensive R & D, engineering, and manufacturing operations. Advanced design technology (over 100 patents in heat exchanger and cooling system design) has led to Young Touchstone market exclusives in the power generation and railway markets such as the proven Mechanical Bond Core and superior O-Ring Tank Sealing, utilized in products available for all industry segments.

All Young Touchstone products are field supported by an exclusive company written software sizing program designed to provide cost effective, on the site, performance proven solutions for all radiator, oil cooler, charge-air-cooler, and heat exchanger product applications.

Superior quality, continuous improvement, efficient production and productive ideas and design capabilities have provided Young Touchstone a competitive advantage in the market place. These market advantages have allowed the company to become a manufacturing leader in the railway, off-highway, department of defense, and power generation industries. Young Touchstone products become standards on which the industry depends. Copied but not duplicated, the company’s high quality products provide benchmarks for others in the marketplace. 

Popular Young Touchstone Model Number Numbers

  • F-502
  • F-503
  • F-604
  • F-606
  • F-301
  • F-302
  • OCH55
  • OCH174
  • OCH360
  • OCS450D
  • OCS600D
  • OCS1000D