Hydraulics International Distributor

Hydraulic International Pumps Division Products include:

hydraulic international pumps

Air Driven Liquid Pumps

  • Start/stop/restart under full load, hold maximum pressure indefinitely
  • No electrical hazard in explosive or damp environments
  • Rated for water, oils, solvents & most liquefied gases to high pressure  
  • Simple maintenance  
  • Simple control in fluid power circuits

Gas Boosters– air, gas or electric driven

  • Non lube dry gas pistons ensure hydrocarbon free gas output
  • Safe with flammable gases or oxygen
  • Boost most commercially available bottled gases including breathing air 

Air Driven Air Pressure Amplifiers

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  • Solve low air pressure problems at individual pneumatically actuated production machines
  • Provide higher test station air or nitrogen pressure economically 

High Pressure Components

  • Pressure Relief Valves – high pressure, low flow
  • Pilot Cutoff Valves – sense liquid or gas pressures
  • Unloading Valves – normally open, normally closed, air pilot actuated
  • Inline Check Valves – 316 stainless steel bodies
  • Gas Receivers