Pepperl + Fuchs Distributor

Pepperl + Fuchs is a global leader in Industrial Sensors and Process Interfaces, backed by the highest quality standards and state of the art technology.  From standard components to complex application solutions, Pepperl + Fuchs provides market-based, customer-focused products, which means that you get industry solutions optimized for your industrial automation operations. Plus, they’re designed to meet environmental requirements, whether that means indoor, outdoor, clean, harsh, corrosive or hazardous.

Factory Automation– Industrial Sensors Division

  • Proximity Sensors
  • Photoelectric Sensors
  • Industrial Vision
  • Ultrasonic Sensors  
  • Rotary Encoders  
  • Positioning Systems  
  • Inclination & Acceleration Sensors
  • AS-Interface 
  • Identification Systems  
  • Logic Control Units


Process Automation– Explosion Protection Division

  • Intrinsically Safe Barriers  
  • Signal Conditioners  
  • Fieldbus Infrastructure
  • Remote I/O Systems  
  • HART Interface Solutions  
  • Wireless Solutions  
  • Level Measurement  
  • Purge & Pressurization Systems
  • Industrial Monitors & HMI Solutions
  • Electrical Explosion Protection Equipment