Filtration Systems

Norman Equipment has many solutions for all of your Fluid Transfer Needs.  

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Norman Equipment Company’s offline filtration units are designed to filter your hydraulic oil, lube oil or diesel fuel during fluid transfer or as a kidney-loop process and are available in three basic models, the Norman Filter Cart, the Norman Filter Panel and the Mighty Might, our hand-held unit.  

On average, 7 grams of particulate contamination are found in every 100 gallons of new barreled oil. In many cases, the oil in your system is cleaner than the oil you receive from your supplier. Particulate can damage expense valves, pumps and other hydraulic system components resulting in down production time and lost money from shorter product life.  

Norman filtration systems are ideal for filtering particulate and water contaminants found in new and existing hydraulic and lube oil. Norman can also provide Filter Carts and Mighty Mights for diesel transfer in on/off road applications.  

Place the Mighty Might, our hand-held unit, on top of a 55 gallon oil or coolant drum to easily transfer to any reservoir or coolant system. For larger systems requiring transfer rates higher than 4 GPM we offer a Filter Cart or Panel mounted unit.  These 11 GPM units can also be used in chemical conditions that require special seals.


  • mobile filtration system5 & 11 GPM flow capacities
  • 2 filters: Longer filter life and 2-stage filtration
  • Clean, easy filter change-out
  • Filtration down to 1 micron absolute
  • Water absorbing elements
  • Industrial quality gear pump
  • Heavy duty cart with drip pan
  • Pump safety relief valve
  • Y strainer on pump inlet
  • 12’ long hose assemblies
  • High Viscosity options available

If you need to filter a fluid with a viscosity rating greater than 500 SSU, Norman Equipment Company's line of portable High Viscosity Filtration Systems, can filter fluids up to 7500 SSU and up to 10,000 SSU with the High Viscosity Mighty Might.  The High Viscosity Filter Cart and Panel have a flow rate of 4 GPM and the High Viscosity Mighty Might has a flow rate of 1 GPM.    

Norman also does extensive work customizing filter carts, panels and portable filtration units to meet any need.  

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