Firestone Vibration, Shock & Noise Isolation Mounts

Airmount® isolators and Marsh Mellow® springs are used to support and isolate selected objects from external vibrations or to support a vibrating load and prevent its energy from disturbing the surroundings. Your unique isolation problem can be solved by one of these products after a quick analysis to determine the best solution.

Airmount isolators provide the highest degree of protection of any type of vibration isolator and can also reduce structurally transmitted noise. Firestone isolators are capable of isolating loads of 100 - 100,000 pounds per mounting point.

Some additional advantages include:

  • Compact height
  • Wide load range
  • Best isolation capability
  • Constant efficiency

Marsh Mellow’s are solid rubber springs with the advantage of very high load carrying capacity, constant performance with changing loads and increased stability at high compression. They provide work effectively in damp and corrosive environments like mines. Some other advantages include:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Overall compact size
  • Eliminates downtime and damage common with coil springs
  • Reduce noise and clatter common with coil springs
  • Lower cost & maintenance free

vibration shock noise insulator mounts