Fairchild Distributor

For over 50 years, Fairchild Industrial Products Company, a division of Rotork, has maintained an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of precision, high quality, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic controls. They offer a wide range of products, for diverse market applications, including:

  • Pneumatic Pressure Regulators - Fairchild's wide selection satisfies your instrument or industrial control applications.  Fairchild pneumatic regulators are available as: precision, back pressure, miniature, filter service, stainless steel, motorized, low pressure and specialty.
  • Electro-Pneumatic Transducers - Fairchild's fast response, high flow, compact I/P, E/P, D/P & P/I electro-pneumatic transducers have extensive combinations of inputs and outputs, carry standard FM, CSA, ATEX or IECEx agency approvals, and maintain accuracies of 0.25% or 0.5%.
  • Volume Boosters -Fairchild's pneumatic volume boosters feature high flow capacity and fast response with Cv ratios from 1 up to18, with flow capacities of 45 SCFM, 76.5 m3/hr up to 1800 SCFM, 3058 m3/hr.
  • Relays - Fairchild's extensive line of pneumatic relays serves a multitude of control applications with: positive biasing, positive and negative biasing, infinitely adjustable ratio, reversing, averaging and computing, high and low pressure selectors, and high and low pressure limiting relays.
  • Filters & Accessories - Fairchild accessories complement our complete line of control products.  Transducer manifold and rack mounting kits, pressure gauges, panel loading stations, and filters offer high quality and precision.