Pneumatic Pressure Regulators Details
Pneumatic Pressure Regulators

Norman provides extensive expertise & inventory in a complete range air regulators from Fairchild to meet all of your service needs.

Pneumatic Pressure Regulators

Fairchild's wide selection satisfies your instrument or industrial control applications. Fairchild pneumatic regulators are available as: precision, back pressure, miniature, filter service, stainless steel, motorized, low pressure, and specialty.

  • Back Pressure Regulators – Require high precision control of back pressure or relief pressures. The Fairchild Models 10BP and 30BP offer high precision. Models 50BP Polymer, 66BP Stainless Steel and 4000ABP High Flow back pressure regulators are designed for tough applications.
  • Miniature Pressure Regulators - Fairchild Model 70 offers high precision in a tiny package. Model 72 High Performance Miniature regulator features an improved design for even better performance, while the Model 50 Polymer regulator excels in lightweight, medical, and tough applications.
  • High Pressure Regulators - For applications involving high supply pressures of up to 6000 psig. With stainless steel construction and a variety of seat materials the High Pressure Regulator can be tailored to applications using gas or liquid media at temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Filter/Service and Specialty Pressure Regulators - High flow and good filtration are critically important and the Fairchild Model 63 and slightly wider Model 65 filter service pressure regulators offer world class performance on both counts. In addition to standard products, Specialty Pressure Regulators, such as the Model 2400 standard, low, and high pressure series Motorized Regulators were developed by Fairchild for fast and convenient actuation and automation.

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Electro-Pneumatic Transducers Details
Electro-Pneumatic Transducers

We specialize in fast response, high flow, & high accuracy transducers developed by Fairchild Industrial Products.

Electro-Pneumatic Transducers

Fairchild's fast response, high flow, compact electro-pneumatic transducers have extensive combinations of inputs and outputs, carry standard FM, CSA, ATEX, or IECEx agency approvals, and maintain accuracies of 0.25% or 0.5%.

  • Industrial Process Transducers - The Process Control line of Industrial Process transducers from Fairchild utilizes a flapper and nozzle attached to a voice coil to proportionally regulate the output pressure. The Fairchild T5200, T5400, T5700 and T6000 pressure transducer series offer dependable performance at economical prices. The T6100 Industrial Process unit also offers "Lock in Last Place" reliability and easy to use product configuration.
  • High Accuracy Electro-Pneumatic Transducers - a complete range of high performance transducers for every application: includes the compact Electro-Pneumatic and Industrial Process T7800 series with piezoelectric actuator and the T9000 Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Controller with a closed-loop integrated, microprocessor control system.
  • Explosion Proof Transducers - For applications with natural gas media and others which require reliable and accurate explosion proof transducers which carry all FM, CSA, ATEX and IECEx agency approvals for years of worry free operation. Additionally, the TX18750 incorporates patented technology to provide a moisture resistant Industrial Process unit.

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Volume Boosters Details
Volume Boosters

Fairchild volume boosters feature high flow capacity with a wide range of signal to output pressure rations, pilot operated, various pipe sizes, & accessories to meet your unique needs.

Volume Boosters

Volume boosters by Fairchild are most commonly used to supply a higher but precise pressure to a particular line or control device. They take an unregulated supply line pressure and convert it to a well-regulated, highly controlled pressure as required by the operation. Volume boosters also are used as part of an interface between pneumatic and electric circuits.

  • Forward / Exhaust Flow No Bleed Boosters - Available in a number of configurations essentially are used to convert a low flow signal to a high flow output
  • Back Pressure Boosters - Various models are designed to control the back pressure or relief operation required in tanks and other pressurized systems
  • Forward Ultra High Flow Volume Boosters - As the name suggests provides significantly increased forward flow capability when needed
  • Forward / Exhaust Ultra High Flow Volume Boosters - Available to supply very high flow capacity in both forward and exhaust modes

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Relays Details

Fairchild’s line of pneumatic relays serve all control applications such as positive biasing, infinitely adjustable ration, reversing, computing relays, & many more.


We support all types of applications with the breadth and quality of our product offering including:

  • Biasing Relays, including both positive biasing relays and relays that handle both positive and negative biasing functions
  • Reversing Relays which are ideally suited for a variety of precision control applications, including converting direct acting valves to reverse action, controlling opposite acting valves from a single transmitter and cushioning cylinder loads
  • Pneumatic Computing Relays designed to perform a number of specialized functions, including averaging, differential, inverting, and totalizing
  • Snap Acting Relays where the output of the unit will go to supply pressure when the signal is equal to or greater than the set point
  • Selector Relays designed to select the lower or higher of two signal pressures to provide a continuous output pressure to a control device

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For over 50 years, Fairchild Industrial Products Company, a division of Rotork, has maintained an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of precision, high quality, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic controls.

Norman Equipment is a proud distributor of Fairchild's wide selection of products that satisfies your instrument and industrial control applications. Fairchild's product offering includes:

Industries Served

Fairchild has an array of Pneumatic components from pneumatic pressure regulators to pneumatic relays. Fairchild's pneumatic solutions are commonly found in the following industries:

  • Biomedical
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Marine
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Oxygen Services
  • Tire Manufacturing
  • Textile
  • Food & Beverage