Thermal Transfer Products

Thermal Transfer Products has a broad offering of Fluid Power related heat exchangers (Oil / Water / Air-Coolers) utilized in Industrial, Mobile, Compressor & Process Industries.

  • Industrial & Process Cooling– Copper, aluminum and steel heat exchangers for various applications including hydraulic presses, injection molding & extrusion machinery and hydraulic power units and elevators.
  • Compressed Air– Air to air aftercoolers, water to air aftercoolers, and air to oil lube oil coolers provide outstanding cooling performance in rotary screw, piston and centrifugal air compressors, as well as vacuum systems and blower lube oil coolers. compressor Series offered include UPA, AA, Belt Guard, AHP(H), AOL, ACOC (H), AB, C & SSC.
  • Mobile Cooling– High quality oil coolers, radiators, & charger coolers built from brazed aluminum or copper round tube & fin, serving the construction, agricultural equipment, on/off highway, turf, specialty equipment, mining machinery and forestry equipment markets.

Popular Thermal Transfer Products Model Numbers

  • SSB-1002
  • BS-1003
  • SB-1003
  • SSC-1018