Cryogenic Ball Valves Details
Cryogenic Ball Valves

The Flowserve Worcester C4, C44, C51 is a 3-piece and flange cryogenic ball valve specifically designed for use on liquid gases such as Nitrogen and Oxygen.

Cryogenic Ball Valves

High-Performance Cryogenic Ball Valves

High-performance cryogenic shutoff valves from Flowserve Worcester Controls are for intermittent and continuous flow applications with temperatures to -425 degrees Fahrenheit. Worcester Controls' complete line of cryogenic valves, backed by years of successful field experience, incorporates superior technology and design. This means automatic or manual control of cryogenic fluids with no contamination, no fluid degradation, and no waste while assuring safety for workers, property and the environment. The wrong specifications here can turn an inferior valve into a time bomb. Tough applications demand Worcester Controls' special service cryogenic valves.

Flowserve Worcester Controls cryogenic valves are available in four basic body configurations: C44 (1 /4"-2"), C44 Diverter (1 /2"-2"), C4 Wafer (3"-6"), and C51 Flanged (3"-6").

Features Include:

  • Exclusive polyfill seats
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Pressure-safe stem
  • Extension bonnet lengths
  • Positive ball cavity relief
  • Low operational torques
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Series 44 Ball Valves Details
Series 44 Ball Valves

A quantum advance in ball valve durability, cycle life, leak tightness and automation

Series 44 Ball Valves

Series 44 Ball Valves

Flowserve Worcester Controls Series 44 three-piece ball valves have been for many years the most respected ball valve design in the industry. Designed to ANSO B16.34 specifications with advanced seal technology and body mount bracket design means a very strong, tough valve. A valve that can handle pressure and unforeseen piping strains with a stem seal that extends operational cycle life and a standardized overall design that keeps parts inventory to a minimum.

Then there's documentation as the B16.34 means complete traceability of assembly and testing procedures, heat codes, and foundry identification. Full CMTRs (Certified Material Test Reports) on pressure vessel parts are optionally available. Valve identification is provided on a stainless steel nameplate meeting MSS SP-25. An improved stem seal design, consisting of live-loaded PEEK and Polyfill® thrust bearings and seals, significantly increases valve cycle life over conventional ball valves and extends the time between adjustments. In manual valves, the two spring washers are compressed by two retaining nuts. A single Nylon-insert locking nut and four spring washers are used on automated valves.

Series 44 Ball Valve Features:

  • Multiple end connections, seat and seal combinations
  • ASME class 600 design; meets ASME B16.34 requirements
  • Swing-out design for easy maintenance
  • Tight shutoff and bi-directional sealing
  • Complete line of pneumatic & electric automation packages for on/off or proportional control
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F39 Pneumatic Actuator Details
F39 Pneumatic Actuator

Twin-piston, double rack-and-pinion, & designed for high performance, the F39 can be used on a variety of quarter-turn valves in a wide range of applications.

F39 Pneumatic Actuator

The Flowserve Worcester Controls Series F39 Pneumatic Actuators are a dual-piston design for compactness, highest torque output, minimal air consumption and even weight distribution on the valve stem. They provide high cycle pneumatic power for on/off or throttling control of rotary valves and dampers. The Series F39 Pneumatic Actuator design is based on the opposed rack-and-pinion principle utilizing piston guide rods to guarantee part alignment. The fully supported guide rods minimize friction and wear between the pistons and the body bore.

F39 Pneumatic Actuator Features:

  • Available as spring-return or double-acting
  • Large range of sizes for efficient torque matching
  • Internal parts are factory lubricated for maximum service life
  • Safe disassembly, no special tools required
  • Can be mounted for fail-open or fail-closed operation
  • Limited stop for accurate rotational positioning
  • Standard NAMUR ancillary attachment
  • International ISO5211 actuator mounting pattern
  • Unique moving guide rod minimizes wear & provides long service life
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CPT Characterized Seat Control Valves Details
CPT Characterized Seat Control Valves

The CPT Floating Control Ball Valve is a compact rotary control valve in 3-piece and flanged design offering bubble-tight shutoff & throttling control.

CPT Characterized Seat Control Valves

CPT Characterized Seat Control Valves

After years of research and performance evaluation under severe throttling services, where precise computer control was required, Flowserve Worcester Controls has developed the CPT characterized seat control valve series. These valves exceed the performance features of traditional linear valves, as well as that of a segmented ball and eccentric plug designs. The CPT characterized seat control valve is a ball valve, that's where the similarity ends. The control capacity is defined by a revolutionary seat technology. These seats consist of a sintered stainless steel material that has been fully impregnated with TFE or Graphite, then laser-cut to a customized shape to best suit the individual application. Combine these capabilities with Flowserve's high-cycle pneumatic, electric, or electro-pneumatic actuators, positioners, and accessories, and you have a control valve package that will meet the performance capabilities available with computers and PLC controllers.


  • Precision control
  • Zero external leakage
  • Interchangeable characterized seats
  • High rangeability (turn down)
  • Efficient shearing action for solids and fibers
  • Tight shutoff - bubble-tight
  • Low maintenance, few parts
  • Compact design, lightweight
  • High flow capacity
  • Energy efficient
  • Advanced stem design for low hysteresis
  • High repeatability and leak-free, stick-free high-cycle operation


  • Steam control
  • Toxic fluids
  • Ph control
  • Cryogenics
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Founded in 1955, Worcester Controls supplies valves throughout the world for virtually any application. These include standard flanged ball valves, ANSI and DIN specifications in reduced and full bore, three-piece valves for cryogenic, high pressure, steam, diverter or sampling duty, high integrity valves, multi-way designs, modulating controls or customized solutions.


  • Electric Actuators - Series 36, Series 75
  • Electro-Hydraulic Actuator - Series 72
  • Pneumatic Actuators - Series 34, Series F39 rack & pinion
  • Access Actuator - Pneumatic Actuator with Process Interface

Worcester Valves

  • 3-piece Valves - Series 44, Series 59, Series 45; Multiple soft & metal seat options
  • Flanged Valves - Series 51/52, Sries 82&83, AF 82&83 fire safe by design, Series 818/828
  • Wafer Valves - Series 151 and 301 suitable for steam processes
  • Diverter Valves - Directional ball valves, series D44/D4, D51, 18/19 - multi-port in 3-piece or flanged design
  • Special Service Worcester Valves:
    • Fugitive Emissions - Series 94, 94-150, 94-300, 94-600
    • Chlorine - Series CL94, CL44, CL 51/52
    • Firesafe - Series AF 44, FZ44, AF 51/42, FZ 51/52, AF94, FZ 94, AF 818/828, EAF 818/828
    • Cryogenic - Series C4, C44 and C51
    • High Purity - WK44, WK74, WK70
    • High Pressure - Series 4, H44, PT High-per Mizer, H71 Hydromizer
    • Tank Bottom - Flush, tank bottom drain valves
  • Control - Series CPT characterized seat control valve with revolutionary patented design


  • Pneumatic & Electropneumatic - PM15 & PM15E
  • Analog and Digital - L93 Pulsair linear & rotary control, "Zero" air bleed design
  • Electric Actuation - AF17, DFP17 DataFlo Positioner, DFC17 DataFlo Controller


  • End Mount - Series ELK39, ACCESS Actuator Position Switch
  • Top Mount - ultraSwitch WGL, WPL & WXCL, Aviator Integrated Controller, BUSwitch Integrated Controller