Pnuematic Volume Boosters

Our volume boosters by Fairchild are most commonly used to supply a higher but precise pressure to a particular line or control device.  They take an unregulated supply line pressure and convert it to a well regulated, highly controlled pressure as required by the operation. Volume boosters also are used as part of an interface between pneumatic and electric circuits. Our volume boosters feature high flow capacity and a fast response. We offer a wide range of signal to output pressure ratios, pilot operated, various pipe sizes and accessories and options to meet your unique needs.

fairchild hydraulic volume boosters


pneumatic volume boosters

A few of our product types are noted below:

  • Forward/Exhaust Flow No Bleed Boosters available in a number of configurations essentially are used to convert a low flow signal to a high flow output.
  • Back Pressure Boosters also available in various models are designed to control the back pressure or relief operation required in tanks and other pressurized systems
  • Forward/Exhaust High Flow No Bleed Volume Boosters provide high capacity, fast response in a cost effective manner.  
  • Forward/Exhaust High Flow No Bleed Volume Booster with Bypass Valve is specifically designed for accurate contol in valve and valve actuation systems.
  • Forward Ultra High Flow Volume Boosters as the name suggests provides significantly increased forward flow capability when needed.
  • Forward/Exhaust Ultra High Flow Volume Boosters also available to supply very high flow capacity in both forward and exhaust modes.