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Air Compressor Details
Air Compressor

Norman now provides Air Compressor products from industry leading manufacturers such as Quincy Compressor. Serving the global industrial market, NEC has any type of Air Compressor you need.

Air Compressor

Norman Equipment is a full line distributor for Quincy Compressor air compressors. By offering a wide array of Air Compressor products, allows NEC to be your one stop shop for the following:

Air Compressor Manufacturers and Products, We Carry

  • Rotary Screw
  • Reciprocating/Piston
  • Oil-Free
  • Natural Gas Air Compressors
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Generators Details

NEC offers industrial Generators that provide dependable power for portable and standby power applications. Whether working with residential or commercial, NEC has the Generator that will work for you.


As a distributor of industrial Generators, Norman Equipment offers Generators from Mi-T-M Corporation, an industry leading generator manufacturer. From residential to commercial grade compressors, Mi-T-M and Norman Equipment offer the following products for distribution:

Generator Products We Carry Include

  • Gasoline, Diesel Generator
  • Air Compressor Generator
  • Air Compressor / Generator / Welder
  • Water Pumps
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Reels Details

NEC is now a distributor of heavy duty, professional grade spring retractable, hand crank, motorized hose, cord, and cable products from COXReels.


Norman is a full line distributor of COXReels – the industry leader in high performance, heightened safety, and durable Reel products. Norman offers the following COXReels products:  

Reel Products We Carry

  • Hand Crank
  • Motorized
  • EZ-Coil
  • Spring Driven
  • High Visibility Hose

COXReels – linked to manufacturers page

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Heaters Details

Keep your job site, customers, and employees warm when it matters most with industrial portable heaters from Mi-T-M.


Whether you’re looking for a portable kerosene heater too provide consistent heat for a comfortable work environment or a portable propane heater designed to burn the most efficient fuels available, Norman and Mi-T-M have teamed up to bring you portable heaters.

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Pressure Washers Details
Pressure Washers

Distributing washdown and pressure washing units from worldwide leaders in the design and manufacturing of industry leading performance-based pressure washing / wash units.

Pressure Washers

Offering a lineup of industrial washdown and pressure washing units that’re designed to provide the power, reliability, and versatility businesses and individuals need every day. When you invest in a washdown or pressure wash unit you mean serious business with cleaning, sanitizing, and removing unwanted dirt and grime from your applications and facilities.

Washdown Unit Manufacturers and Products We Carry

  • Strahman – Wash Down Equipment, Process Valves, Pre-Rinse Equipment, Ozone Sanitizing, and Automated & Safety Vales
  • Mi-T-M – Cold/Hot Water, Gas Powered, Electric, Portable, Stationary Pressure Washers
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Jobsite Boxes Details
Jobsite Boxes

Jobsite boxes are a popular choice when looking to optimize your tool storage while keeping them safe and secure.

Jobsite Boxes

Available in several sizes to fit at your jobsite, truck, garage, or workshop. Jobsite boxes from Mi-T-M offer the safest and most secure option for storing your tools needed at the jobsite. With tamper-proof armored locking systems, heavy-duty solid steel construction, and a powder coated finish, Jobsite boxes are ideal when daily tool transportation is not an option.

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Air Treatment Details
Air Treatment

Air treatment and condensation management products are designed to work with an array of air compressors.

Air Treatment

Like any Quincy product, their air dryers, condensation management and other air filtration equipment products have been designed to provide exceptional performance in all applications and is backed by an excellent warranty that guarantees years of trouble-free use.

Air Treatment Products We Carry

  • Dryers
  • Air Filtration
  • Condensate Management
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Vacuum Pumps Details
Vacuum Pumps

Quincy Compressor is known for their reliable vacuum pump units that’re the product of 100 years of industry expertise.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps from Quincy Compressor include rotary vane, articulated piston, screw, liquid ring, and claw, all of which are used by companies across the United States and around the world due to their uncompromising reliability and unbeatable performance.

All Quincy Products are backed by 24-hour service and support!

Quincy Compressor Vacuum Pumps We Offer:

  • QSV: Backed by Quincy Compressors Royal Blue 10-Year Warranty, the QSV focuses on delivering the performance you demand. Ideal for applications where you need to maintain a set vacuum level
  • QCV: The new range based on Quincy Compressor’s QCV – Dry Claw technology features an innovative design which creates a new benchmark in the claw pump market.
  • QLR: Liquid ring vacuum has always been and will always be one of the best technologies for extreme vapor loads. Quincy liquid ring pumps are ideal for pumping wet or dry gasses with a high tolerance for liquid carryover, especially on condensable processes such as distillation, drying and evaporator duties.
  • QV: The QV series consists of 13 high-performing vacuum pump models that can produce enough volumetric capacity for even the most challenging applications. Key QV features include a multistage separation system, powerful and dependable direct-drive NEMA motor.
  • QVMS: An air-cooled direct-drive vacuum pump with a 2-10 hp and 8-378 scfm capacity. Specifically designed and engineered for medical vacuum use, the QVMS can meet the requirements of high-demand hospital applications.
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Specialty Overview

Norman Equipment is a full-line authorized distributor of Specialty components and systems from top manufacturers praised for their performance, reliability, and quality. We provide personalized service for all your specialty component needs including but not limited to:

  • Pressure Washers
  • Air Compressors
  • Generators
  • Portable Heaters
  • Reels
  • Pre-Rinse Equipment
  • Jobsite Boxes
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Air Treatment – Dryers & Condensation Management
  • Washdown Equipment
  • Process Valves

Quincy Compressor Warranty

When you buy Quincy Compressors, you’re not only purchasing the industry leader for air compressor products, you’re also receiving a peace of mind with their extraordinary warranties on their products!

  • 10-year Royal Blue Warranty for QSI & QGV Rotary Screw Compressors
  • 10-year Royal Blue Warranty for all Quincy Dryer Products
  • 5-year True Blue Warranty for QGS, QGD, and QGDV Rotary Screw Compressors
  • 5-year Sterling Blue Warranty for QOF Oil-Free Air Compressor

Specialty Manufacturer Partners & Products:

Our experienced staff, in-house technical expertise, exceptional customer service, and proven products from these leading manufacturers provide you with a single source for all your specialty product needs including:

Mi-T-M Pressure Washer