Hydraulic Cylinders & Jacks Details
Hydraulic Cylinders & Jacks

Enerpac provides the largest selection of hydraulic cylinders, jacks and rams, fully supported and available through Norman Equipment.

Hydraulic Cylinders & Jacks

Enerpac and Norman Equipment have a solution for virtually any application – lifting, pushing, pulling, bending or holding – in most industrial and commercial work environments. Enerpac offers hundreds of different configurations of mechanical and hydraulic cylinders and lifting systems ranging from general purpose and pull cylinders to high tonnage and hollow plunger cylinders. Plus, hydraulic jack products such as aluminum and bottle jacks to hydraulic track and steel jacks.

Cylinder Types Include:

  • General Purpose
  • Hollow Plunger
  • High Tonnage
  • Lock Nut
  • Low Height
  • Lightweight
  • Pull
  • Telescopic
  • Climbing
  • Custom

Jack Types Include:

  • Aluminum Jacks
  • Bottle Jacks
  • Mining Jacks
  • Rail Track Steel Jacks
  • Wheeled Jacks
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Hydraulic Pumps Details
Hydraulic Pumps

Whatever your high-pressure pump needs are, you can be sure Enerpac has a hydraulic power unit to suit the application.

Hydraulic Pumps

Enerpac hydraulic pumps are available in over 1,000 different configurations. Featuring Hand, Battery, Electric, Air and Gasoline powered models, with multiple reservoir and valve configurations, Enerpac offers the most comprehensive high-pressure pump line available. Whether your high-pressure pump needs are, speed, control, intermittent or heavy-duty performance Enerpac has the pump for you. Pumps include:

  • Air Pumps
  • Bolting Pumps
  • Controlled Lifting Pumps
  • Electric Pumps
  • Gas Pumps
  • Manual Pumps
  • Workholding Pumps
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Hydraulic Valves / System Components Details
Hydraulic Valves / System Components

Enerpac has the accessories to compliment your system and ensure efficient operation, long life, and safety of your hydraulic equipment.

Hydraulic Valves / System Components

Featuring couplers, fittings, and gauges, as well as hoses, manifolds, and valves, Enerpac has the system components that are all the additional components you need to complete any high-pressure hydraulic systems. Designed to work with your Enerpac cylinders, pumps, and other tools.

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Workholding Tools Details
Workholding Tools

A full range of well-designed, workholding tools used to provide powerful clamping and positioning force to every type of manufacturing process.

Workholding Tools

Details Global distribution yet local technical support ensure that your application needs to be solved successfully. Exclusive workholding cylinder series used for punching and clamping in automotive manufacturing. A wide selection of high-performance hydraulic power units brings innovation and reliability to your project challenges. Workholding Tools include:

  • Clamps
  • Work Supports
  • Workholding Cylinders
  • Collet-Lok
  • Pumps and Power Sources
  • Valves
  • System Components
  • Palletized Fixture Components
  • Safe Link Pressure and Position Monitoring
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Enerpac is a global leader in high pressure hydraulic tools and equipment, controlled force products and solutions for precise positioning of heavy loads. From the smallest hydraulic cylinder to complete computer-operated lifting and positioning systems, Enerpac provides innovative solutions that increase productivity, are cost effective and make work safer and easier to perform. Enerpac’s comprehensive product line also includes:

  • Cylinders & Jacks
  • Pumps
  • Bolting Tools
  • Pressers
  • Pullers
  • Heavy Lifting Technology
  • Workholding Tools

Industries Served

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Rail
  • Ship building